Smashed Chickpea Avocado Sandwich

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Smashed Chickpea Avocado Sandwich. An easy sandwich to make that’s filling, tasty and healthy.




  1. In a food processor, whirl together avocado, scallion, parsley, feta and lemon. I like mine to be fairly chunky but you can process for a smoother blend if you want.
  2. Add avocado mixture to a bowl.
  3. Add diced celery to the bowl.
  4. Drain and rinse chickpeas. Add chickpeas to a plastic zip lock bag. Smash chickpeas up so about half are smashed and half are whole – I just put the bag on the counter and whacked it with the palm of my hand a few times.
  5. Add smashed chickpeas to bowl with avocado mixture and celery. If you’re planning on picking out any of the loose chickpeas skins this is the time – before you mix it – just pick out the worst offenders if they are bothering you.
  6. Stir everything together.
  7. Serve on bread – I used toasted sour dough and topped it with slices of cucumber and some fresh spinach.